GoSurveyUs allows any business in the service industry to effectively capture and monitor Customer Satisfaction!

Do you really know what your customers think? Looking for a simple, effective solution? Then GoSurveyUs is for you. Designed with simplicity in mind, this web-based application allows you to quickly create and monitor Customer Satisfaction Surveys. In so doing, creating a platform whereby your customer really can let you know what they think!

GoSurveyUs in a nutshell...

  • Web-based application making use of Smartphone technology
  • Survey results are captured in real-time and stored directly in a database
  • View Survey results in easy-to-read Graphs
  • At a glance, identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Real-time Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Stores user data i.e. Name, Email Address, Contact Number, Comments etc.
  • Compare in-store service levels, products etc.
  • Easily manage your Surveys using the web-based Management Tool
  • Access your Survey information from anywhere via any smart device
  • Link to Surveys via Quick Response (QR) Codes
  • Share your Surveys via popular Social Media platforms

GoSurveyUs can be used to monitor and address...

  • Service Levels
  • Product Performance
  • Product Feedback
  • Performance Goals
  • Market Research
  • Etc.

No matter what goal you're working toward, the GoSurveyUs Business Tool, along with the insight it provides can assist in getting you there. Customer feedback, especially in the service industry is key to better understanding where you should focus your customer satisfaction efforts, and how to follow through. Let your customers help you deliver great results.

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Quick access to Surveys via QR-Codes

User-friendly participation via any Smartphone

View Survey results through easy-to-read graphs

Monitor Customer Satisfaction over time

Real-time Customer Satisfaction Index

Social Media / Awareness Tools